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How everything started...

It wasn´t a long time ago, certainly not...but since Luis and I met, less than a year ago, we couldn´t stop wanting to be together. Our first date was quite ordinary, cinema followed by dinner, etc... except for the people in it: us, because we couldn´t be further from the ordinary. Starting from the moment we saw each other for the first time.  I remember as if it were only yesterday, he was wearing his usual brown jacket and I thought to myself how "guapo" he was. He looked at me, but instead of just thinking, he actually verbalized the words: "Oh yes!!!" The attraction was instant. 

We watched this very silly comedy, which wasn´t very funny, but made me laugh a couple of times, and for the people who know my laugh, which can be a little bit exotic, not to say strange, he looked at me with funny eyes, probably thinking: "Okay, now, that IS funny!" But I must have done something right since after the cinema we went to my house to cook japanese food and we talked until 5 in the morning even though both of us had to work the next day. We just had so much in common and our first date had become a promise of what to come.

That was just the first date of many to follow... and today, here we are, engaged, and ready to become husband and wife. What we hope for our future is to continue to be the two people we were when we first met, looking at each other with admiration. We feel blessed to have you as part of our story and are excited to have all of you in our wedding to celebrate our love and commitment.


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